How to Spy a Mobile Phone - Tutorial

If you want to go a step further into mobile phone tracking except locating devices' GPS location only, on this page we will teach you how to spy mobile phone completely. This means not only you'll be able to trace cellphone's location, but also monitor device's entire activity, such as:

Monitoring Features:

chat icon Track All Social Networks & Messaging Apps Chats
(Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Viber, Email etc.)
sms icon Track SMS/MMS messages logs
images icon See All Photos, Videos & Documents saved on someones phone
call icon Track Calls & see calls history logs (incoming & outgoing)
gps icon Track their GPS location
camera icon Take Screenshots Remotely & Undetected
keylogger icon Keylogger ability
ninja icon Operate Fully Undetected in stealth mode

To be able to track all of these features above, the MSniffer app is not enough, since it's developed to only be used as mobile phone GPS tracker - to find device location using its calling number.

To spy a mobile phone with all possibilities listed above, you will need another monitoring application, and you will find it down on this page.


We present you the mSpy - Fully functional mobile phone monitoring application for Android & iOS devices.

Cellphone Spy App

Rated as a NO.1 & most popular smartphone tracking software, the mSpy is rich of all possible features you will ever need if you decide to spy on a mobile device.

Thousands of happy customers worldwide use mSpy to keep an eye on their children's activity, or a solution to catch a cheating partner in their relationships' problems.
Many employers use mSpy too to track their employees' activity in a goal to improve their companies progress and overall work experience.

How to Start With Using mSpy?

1. Visit mSpy Official Website and create yourself account. (From this account you will be able to track mobile phone(s) you're going to spy on).

2. Select & Purchase subscription plan by your choice (1, 3, 6 or 12 months). The bigger plan you purchase, more money you'll save at the end.

3. After purchasing, you will get the mSpy app you need to install on a target's cellphone so you can monitor their activity. After installation, you are ready to start monitoring mobile device(s) whenever you want, completely undetected!

Mobile Phone Spy App

Installation of mSpy is different on Android and iOS devices. But the most important thing is how to do it. You will know this better then us because a person you are planning to spy, their activities and habits are familiar to you, obviously :) You just have to catch a right moment while they are not using their smartphone, and install the mSpy without them knowing.

On Android devices, mSpy is installed to run silently in a background and phone owner is not aware their activity is monitored. iOS Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) operates with mSpy from their iCloud system. Device monitoring activity is also running anonymously in background.

There are also many tricks hackers use to install these kind of spyware apps remotely, without touching someones mobile phone physically. They send masked download links of the spyware via emails or social media, representing themselves as a someone else (Like let's say Google Security Team) warning phone owner with something like "Update of your software is needed immediately to avoid device getting locked" (or something similar) and then they provide "app update link" (sigh) a phone owner needs to install. If they fail on this and run the app, they are hacked.
There are tons of different tricks and tactics how to do this. You just have to be creative and make some good plan & idea. You know your "victims" better then us obviously so just tailor some customized plan how to accomplish this successfully.

Have fun! :)