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Before downloading the application please read the Terms and Disclaimer policies below carefully.

Terms & Conditions

- MSniffer app is free to download, and because of that you are not allowed to charge anyone for services done with it.

- (For Windows and Mac users) You are not allowed to modify any of MSniffer's installation files which can change its function. However if you are interested to join our developers team and help upgrading the app, feel free to contact us regarding this.

- This cell phone tracker application should be use for personal and educational purposes only.

- The MSniffer tool should be used only in next two purposes:
1. As a parental control security tool - To keep an eye on your minor children activity; To know where they are and if they are exposed to dangerous environment / to protect their security.
2. To track employees locations - In case you are an employer who wants to keep an eye on their employees to improve their company's progress. This is allowed only with prior written notice sent to employees that their location will be tracked.

- Any other purpose of using MSniffer then ones listed above is not allowed by this Terms of Service policy, and users who decide to proceed with breaking these terms will be doing it on their own risks.

The terms above are also applying to the tutorial How to Spy a Mobile Phone.

Note: Older version such as v.1.0. and v.1.1 will no longer work and any further updates have been closed. So please get new version by clicking the download button.