Welcome! MSniffer is a mobile phone tracking software built in aim to find location of desired cell phone device by entering its calling number.

Our goal was to create solution to users who accidentally lost their mobile phone, got it stolen, or just want to trace location of someones else location. We use special GPS system which works with gathering satellites signals over the globe who catches calls to certain mobile phone devices when MSniffer is started. Then users gets exact location of their wanted cell phone displayed on a map with a navigation to get to it.

App Screenshot:
MSniffer Cell Phone Tracker

How is this possible

This process is possible thanks to an exploit which every satellite device have inside its source code. We only had to develop a program which acts like it's part of a satellite, and works on same frequency. Process is similar like a radio connection when you search for a station. You have to find a right frequency to connect to certain station. It's similar case here, but difference is that satellites signals are not freely opened to find like radio ones are, so we had to do a little hacking job to get trough inside their code.

At this time the final version of MSniffer is under latest stages of development and will be ready to download very soon!
The V-1 will no longer be supported.

Update: The final version is out! Use the button below to download the application.

Operating systems which will be supported are: Android (Apk), iOS, Windows and Mac.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email: info@msniffer.com

Stay tuned and see you soon!


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